A counseling program for school principals, to assist them in implementing a significant change at their school while coping with the many challenges of their role.

The Challenge

How do you create a better society? How do you influence the education of the next generation?
One way lies in a joint initiative of the Avnei Rosha Institute and the Lautmann Foundation, which have created a development and learning framework for school principals across the country. The Tzamarot program helps principals lead a significant change process at school and cope with the many challenges of their role.

The Solution

The program incorporates enrichment in a variety of areas and learning methods, providing each principal with a personal counseling and support framework.
During counseling, principals are introduced to the organizational domain and receive assistance in planning and leading the changes they have chosen.
Lotem has been leading the personal counseling program for many years, in light its affinity with the ethical goals of the program and based on its belief in the vast potential impact on the principals.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich