Lotem executed a needs assessment process by means of a dedicated system, enabling identification of existing professional gaps at the professional level and organizational level. Based on the results of the assessment, the organization received a complete outline of the gaps for improved performance purposes, and a customized learning program was designed, based on advanced learning methods.

The Challenge

A global organization that develops and manufactures healthcare products sought to improve employee performance, following the company’s rapid growth. To this end, it was necessary to identify existing professional gaps and formulate a plan for a customized learning program to upgrade professionalism. How can the company influence the level of engagement of the employees, who are characterized by low availability and obligation levels (individual nature of work and the lack of common management?)

The Solution

Lotem utilized a dedicated system for evaluating needs, making it possible to identify gaps at the individual level within a very short time and vis-à-vis the needs of specific target population. After a brief role analysis, Lotem built a computerized survey system completed by relevant employees. The findings were analyzed, enabling accurate mapping at the unit, team and individual levels. In accordance with the results, an intervention program was devised, based on Lotem’s advanced learning methods.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich