In order to lead and reinforce business growth at a global organization, including all corporate branches scattered throughout Europe, Lotem Sensing has created a dedicated employee engagement survey.

The Challenge

An agricultural vehicle company has hundreds of independent dealerships throughout Europe. The company wants to lead and reinforce the dealerships’ business growth, inter alia by increasing their employees' engagement.
How can the company influence the level of engagement of the dealerships’ employees, when these are independent dealerships and their employees do not report to the company?

The Solution

Lotem Sensing held an annual dedicated engagement survey among the dealerships’ employees for the company. The infrastructure was financed by the automotive company and each dealership paid low participation fees. In return, they received the report findings, comparing the results to those of the other dealerships and to the level of employee engagement in the previous year. Each dealership also received a kit for communicating the findings to the employees and building a work plan for improvement.

About the Author

Vered Berkovich