Lotem's Management

Ofer Levi

Lotem Chairman and Founder.
Ofer deals with strategic consulting and the planning of organizational development processes. He has MA in organizational psychology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and lectures in the MA Program in Organizational Behavior and Development at the IDC Herzliya. Ofer enjoys mountain biking, the cinema, and in between... the attentions of his three stunning daughters.

Idit Schuman-Adatto

A founding partner in Lotem, Idit leads the implementation in Israel of the international "Future Search" model, focusing on systemic organizational consulting for management and organizations. She holds an MSc in Behavioral & Management Sciences from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and has completed a group facilitation program. Idit believes in the importance of team building for learning, growth and innovation among individuals and organizations. She integrates a spiritual element ("Soul and Mishna") in our social sector consulting package at Lotem.

Boaz Shalit

Lotem CEO/Partner.
Boaz divides his time between systemic leadership of complex projects for organizational change and strategic process planning in collaboration with business enterprise and public organizations management. He heads Lotem’s customer management, proactive growth engine resource forums, and supervises the quality of our teams and of the solutions we provide to customers.

Roni Sulimani

Roni joined Lotem as a partner in 2010. Give him complexity: personal, organizational, systemic - and he is with you, looking you straight in the eye! (Perhaps I might pass on the direct eye contact...). Roni uses his military experience (an ex-colonel) to translate the practice of management into business partnerships and personal and corporate growth. Ronnie has special expertise in learning development (he developed several approaches, including an Alpha model), building organizational frameworks, top executive training, and mega project management.

Shay Hanoch

Shay is Director of Operations and Finance for the Lotem Group, with over 15 years of experience in different areas of management, marketing and sales. He is involved in a wide variety of professional activities at Lotem. In his spare time, Shay enjoys cross-country cycling.

Yael Alper

Yael holds a master's degree in Organizational Behavior and Business Administration. She invests most of her time in the market promotion of new tools and concepts, and she likes to spend her leisure time hiking and sleeping under the stars.

Naftali Leder

Naftali founded Lotem Sensing and, after serving as the company's CEO for ten years is now its Chairman. He is a psychologist by profession, and a specialist in organizational process monitoring and in the relationship between data and practical management. Naftali develops the company's overseas operations through partnerships and loves to watch them grow and expand.

Micky Toussia-Cohen

Micky is in charge of the lifecycle of Lotem employees. He manages the consulting team and supports the customer account managers. He has a degree in Business Management and Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, has completed a course in HR management and development, and holds a business and personal training certificate. His hobby of motorcycling widened his life's perspective.

Yaakov Hadad

Yaakov manages the Public Division at Lotem, guiding managers and organizations through a range of challenges and changes. He specializes in setting up the internal infrastructure for management and training within organizations, and in project- and result-oriented thinking. Yaakov has an MA in Occupational/Organizational Psychology and enjoys the challenges of management and consulting.

Liron Dagan

Liron heads the Global Division at Lotem. She guides and advises organizations and managers. Liron holds an MBA and has completed a 2-year graduate program in Group Facilitation. Liron loves what she does and does what she likes.

Michal Tobi

Michal manages the Digital Department at Lotem. She leads projects and handles the creation and development of digital learning solutions and environments. Michal leads groups and manager development courses, and holds MA in Organizational Consulting.

Eran Lachberg Shenkman

Eran manages Lotem’s Business Division. He is a Management Consultant and a learning expert. He holds an MBA with a major in Organizational Behavior, and completed a 2-year graduate program in Group Facilitation. Eran enjoys management consultation, hands-on management, and being managed by his twins.

Department Managers

Sharon Ratzabi

Sharon leads manager development at Lotem. He is qualified in group facilitation and organizational consulting. He has an MBA with a major in organizational behavior and marketing, and he has completed a 2-year graduate program in group facilitation within business organizations. Sharon has a professional track record of many years in the world of management and leadership, and is inspired by the fields of education, sport, philosophy and cinema.

Chen Weinstein

Chen is a Management Consultant, Project Manager and Learning Solutions Developer in a variety of organizations and domains. She specializes developing and training teams in the area of Organizational Learning. She holds an MA in Management, with a major in Organizational Behavior. Chen enjoys learning and exploring, especially the world of learning ... (what else?)

Dalit Levi Brand

Dalit is a Management Consultant and Project Manager, leading activities mainly in the areas of management development and guidance. She holds an MA in Organizational Studies and studied Group Facilitation In Business Organizations. Dalit has a background in diverse Human Resources areas and brings experience in both internal organizational work and external consulting. Dalit loves the diversity and richness of our work and believes in our ability to create value for the people we work with.

Inbal Fryd

Inbal manages the consulting domain at Lotem Sensing. She provides advisory and consulting services to organizations through performance evaluations, status surveys and organizational service reviews, talent identification and various monitoring processes. She has an MA in Organizational Sociology, and enjoys the insights that are born when people and data are connected.

Shani Hai

Shani comes from the world of hi-tech, with extensive experience in Global Marketing. At Lotem she serves as a Domain Manager, a Management Consultant, a Group Facilitator, and specializes in Intra-Organizational Entrepreneurship. She has a BA in Psychology and Communication and is currently studying toward an MA in Business Behavior and Development. Shani loves to create unexpected connections that generate value for organizations and people.

Merav Reshef

Merav managing and developing learning projects. She has a master's in Management and Organizational Consulting from the University of Tel Aviv, and is excited about the potential that the digital world offers for individual and group learning and development.

Netta Maman

Neta is a Domain Manager at Lotem, a Management Consultant and Group Facilitator. She holds an MA in consulting, is studying for a Ph.D. at the University of Haifa, and is a Family and Couples Counselor as well. At Lotem, Neta leads Management Development programs, manages projects, coaches and advises managers, leads cross-company processes in organizations and facilitates groups and workshops.

Neta Ravid-Golan

Neta Ravid-Golan is a senior organizational consultant and project manager. Her professional qualifications include an MA in organizational behavior and studies in group facilitation. Neta engages in personal and organizational development, and is involved in the building of a human resources infrastructure. She has accumulated HR management expertise in a number of different organizations. Neta is naturally inquisitive, and enjoys encountering new people, organizations and interest areas.

Tamar Gruber

Tamar is a Domain Manager and Management Consultant at Lotem. She specializes in leading organizational changes, facilitating results-oriented management and Manager Development. Tamar earned an MA in Organizational Sociology (Cum Laude). She loves running both short and long distances, and is always looking for someone to run along with her.

Noa Kfir Cohen

Noa serves as a Consultant and Domain Manager, managing and developing learning processes, establishing and managing learning infrastructures in organizations, and guiding executive development programs. She holds an MA in Organizational Sociology, loves to develop unique learning processes, to accompany managers and employees in the process of implementation and… just learning.

Nurit Cohen Tel Avivi

Nurit has a master's in Organizational Sociology and is an Adler method-certified trainer. She is delighted to have the privilege of assisting individuals and organizations through their change processes, to learn and to teach.

Roni Rabiner Feffer

Roni is a Management Consultant and Account Manager. She holds an MA in Organizational Sociology and is a graduate of Rottman's Strategic HR Management program. She is an expert in building and implementing Talent Management strategy. She studies, facilitates and guides people, groups and organizations in processes of change and development. Roni is excited by each and every time she accompanies organizations in their journey to create a unique customer experience.